BRANDED CONTENT - What's your story?

Where do I start? Tom and Melanie are truly members of our team, not just partners. They have a way of naturally integrating all of our strategies and objectives and delivering work that is revealing, spontaneous and—always--beautiful. Working with them helps us tell the stories that are not always obvious but need to be told—helping to create empathy, understanding, and belief for us and our clients (and their customers!). They are able to work intuitively and independently, often with scant direction, to create relevant and meaningful stories that always offer unexpected, “happy accidents” that make the insights hit harder and the work that much stronger. We always look forward to our next collaboration, every time, and consider it an honor to have them on our team. Endorsing them is a pleasure to do—even though the risk is somewhat like sharing your favorite fishing hole! - Eric: Creative Director

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