Investigation & discovery is critical and an essential part of uncovering a your unique story. We listen, observe, and walk in the shoes of the audiences to guide the work into something that engages and inspires.

Our 4 step process ensures that no stone is left unturned:


First we listen. We listen to you and the entire team to define the story landscape — a “big picture” of your brand and the soul of your story. We lead your team on an investigative journey that will define and inform our path forward.


Through structured conversations we’ll mine for gold in your most insightful stakeholders, thinkers and visionaries. We’ll research independently the depth of your brands richness and character and present our findings as an index of stories and story sources.


With our index of storylines, we’ll review everything we’ve learned with your creative team to refine and craft story arcs that will most effectively connect with your goals.


We’ll codify everything we’ve learned and champion the ideas that we believe will most resonate with your audience. We’ll discuss the potential engagement & audiences resonance of each storyline and examine the development & production requirements.



Producer, Writer

Melanie Morse began her career in the education and oral history multimedia documentary fields, which allowed for a seamless transition into the world of commercial storytelling.  She's a dreamy traveler off-duty, but runs a tight ship in her productions. An experienced producer and writer, with countless interviews under her belt, she is devoted to telling dynamic stories that inspire, inform, and entertain the audience.



Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Tom’s passion for telling stories and a desire to see the world began early by listening to his father tell stories of his days in the Navy traveling from exotic port to exotic port. As soon as he could, he hit the road where he soaked up the worlds culture and beauty. Landing in Manhattan he developed a career as an award winning director, cinematographer and editor, creating content for MOJOHD & Esquire. Today he is known for his empathetic approach, stirring visuals and the distillation of concepts into responsive ideas.

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